We are a data marketing


Data marketing refers to strategies built on insights pulled from data, collected through consumer interactions and engagement, to construct propensity about future behaviour.

Empower marketing decisions with data.

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Our Conviction

We help smart companies drive business results by using advanced analytics in the performance marketing process

Our Impact

No matter how good you are at delivering performance campaigns, if you have no analytics/ business data means you have no destination. During the time, we encountered hundreds of ways to measure performance and hundreds of ways to collect false data. That’s why we encourage businesses to have a complete approach: campaigns & analytics.

1. Onboarding

We always start the process of collecting with the understanding of your business

  • Business model

  • Product & Marketing strategy

  • Objectives and Profitability


3. Strategy

Integrate all the measurement structure with advertising platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) in order to have a central look of results and spending

  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads integration

  • Enhanced Ecommerce setup

  • Google Tag manager implementation

  • User segmentation and clusters

  • Custom integration with third party data (CRM)

2. Data Setup

We “repair’ whatever falls under the “data quality” let’s call them common errors

  • GA/GTM health check

  • Marketing campaigns automation

  • Inaccurate reporting

  • Technical errors


4. consulting and optimization

Use the data for the optimisation of performance campaigns or insights and actions for business

  • Business KPI workshop with your inside team

  • Data Studio personalisation and integration

  • Check out our beautiful custom and predefined dashboards and then you will want to talk to us. By the way, direct and one to one consulting time is included.


Who trusts us

No matter you are a startup/ entrepreneur or an experienced marketer from a top Romanian or international company, we are open to back your knowledge with ours. You just have to meet and discuss with us.


euros managed / month

But we think that the investment budget is not everything, as we are mainly proud of what we can achieve with these budgets.




Local or international, each one of them with a custom story, from various business verticals: telco, retail, finance, pharma, beauty, real estate, auto and B2B




Marketers, PPC specialists, developers and data scientists. Engineers and creative people. Business and technology oriented.

“In God we trust, all others bring data.”

W. Edwards Deming


Honest. Reliable. Happy


Track Record

Founded by senior specialists with major experience in digital marketing, data and development. Raised in big businesses like Fashion Days, Leo Burnett, Universal McCann. Over 300 clients managed. 10 markets


Our Offices

90 Mihai Eminescu
Bucuresti, sector 1


Via Serlas 23
7500 St. Moritz


Contact Us

Get in touch with us and we promise a
“no sales discussion”

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