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Our partners have over 10 years of experience in building, implementing and growing successful e-Commerce projects. We chose them because we want to offer you the ultimate business experience.

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Vlad Diaconu Image

Vlad Diaconu

e-Commerce Consultant

13 years of experience in building growth strategies and leading the implementation of large international e-Commerce projects.

Silviu Croitoru Image

Silviu Croitoru

Product Consultant

12 years of experience in
Product Management, Digital Marketing, and Growth strategies.

George Pascale Image

George Pascale

Senior Web Developer

11 years in building and leading Web Development and Web Design projects for local and international companies.

Andreea mares Image

Andreea Mares

Project Manager

11 years of experience in Customer Support leadership, Content Management, and Project Management.

e-Commerce Solutions

Implement, analize and act based on personalized custom reports.

Business Strategy

We use customer-oriented methodologies to help you build a healthy, long-term strategy. Our best practices ensure the smooth and secure growth of your business.

Development & integrations

We tailor intelligent, fully-integrated e-Commerce solutions so you can start selling immediately. What’s even better is that your users will get a seamless shopping experience, on all devices.

User & Product Intelligence

One key to a successful business is being able to identify and handle any issue, the moment it occurs. We design real-time KPI reporting solutions so you can keep your business under control.

Maintenance & Support

A reliable partner never lets go of your hand. Our services include advising, support in implementing your project and training sessions on your systems, tools, and processes.

How we work

Our user-centric approach will make sure your customer stands in the middle.

Defining your business purpose.

First, we get together to determine your business scope, strategy and needs.

Extracting the essence: your
Value Proposition.

What is the key utility you offer? What makes your business unique? We outline the main elements that make you stand out from the crowd.

Placing your customer at the
core of your business.

We help you build your strategy around your customers' needs, so that you can have a powerful impact on their experience.

Giving your business a face,
a voice and a direction.

During this step, we determine how you'll interact with your customers: your brand identity, your target audience and the communication strategy.

Building a reliable budget.

We create a 3-5 years financial plan that gives you an accurate overview of your P&L, so that you can make smart, educated decisions for your business.

Delivering the platform your
business deserves.

As soon as we decide what's the best platform for your business, we begin to develop it so you can start selling in no time. After your business goes live, we’ll be there for maintenance & support.

Our partners’ experience

We help companies whose visions will drive the change in their industries.

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