PPC powered
by data

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube or Linkedin - built, managed and optimised on data insights.

Google Ads
Facebook Business
Display & Video 360

Analytics integrated across channels

Instead of reacting to the data generated by the PPC campaign, we align the development of the campaign starting from the specific business objectives, and consequently develop customized metrics and KPIs

Start taking data-driven decisions

Answering the
“invisible” issues

Customer behaviour depending on the journey stage/relationship with the brand

Who are your most valuable customers and what is their profile

Profitability/ margin in product listing

Campaign investment vs. price strategy

Product visibility

Who trusts us

We help companies whose visions will drive the change in their industries.


We manage more than
300.000 €/month


50+ happy clients


We are present in 4 countries

Safety net

A custom safety plan focused on solving the errors and unpredictable situations.

Automated reports and

that can identify the “holes” in your process. Starting with the technical part of site and up to keywords and products. All automated through scripts and reports.

Pre-campaign audit &

related to campaign’s site/ landing page performance in relation with Google standards.

spend alert

through automated rules and scripts, in case of out of stock products.

Granular Reporting

Our custom-built dashboard is aimed towards granular reporting and in-depth segmentation.

Granular reporting image

Growth Plan

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Development Path

The PPC strategy is a result of data-driven decisions, aligned with your business objectives: leads, customer acquisition, revenue, retention, brand awareness and so on.

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Goal-Oriented Tracking

Each adjustment to your AdWords campaign is based on acquisition cost, quality, and value.

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Consistent & compelling messages that combines the right keywords, ad messaging and site experience to produce sales/leads

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Campaign related actions for optimization, also based on data derived inshights.

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